The Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost Sermon (The Pearl of Great Price) – October 3, 2021

A sermon featuring the Pearl of Great Price: a story about the surprising Good News that unfolds when you commit to sell all that you have and discover your real role was always that of God’s steward preached on The Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost (Proper 22) at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Edenton NC on October 3, 2021.

Five Stewardship Commitment Points
1. Evangelism calls people to commitment.
2. Christian Formation teaches the meaning of that commitment.
3. Worship celebrates that commitment.
4. Stewardship is the practice of that commitment.
5. Discipleship that leads to Apostolic Action is the outcome of that commitment.

Download a PDF of my expression of The Pearl of Great Price stewardship sermon.

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