Stewardship Resources

Stewardship resources work out of the following :

Five Stewardship Commitment Points
1. Evangelism calls people to commitment.
2. Christian Formation teaches the meaning of that commitment.
3. Worship celebrates that commitment.
4. Stewardship is the practice of that commitment.
5. Discipleship that leads to Apostolic Action is the outcome of that commitment.

Download a PDF of my expression of The Pearl of Great Price stewardship sermon.

View a version of how I preach this sermon from when I served as supply clergy at at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Jacksonville NC on October 1, 2023.

I preached the following sermon in my role as Priest-in-Charge of Christ Episcopal Church Middletown, New Jersey, October 30, 2016, during which I revealed my own struggle with money using the moment Jesus invites Zacchaeus, a Chief Tax Collector, into a transformative relationship a springboard as I look at what is hidden in plain sight.
This sermon can viewed at

Download my article entitled “A Transactional Analysis of Money.”This article begins:
“Without going deeply into Transactional Analysis, mid-twentieth century psychiatrist Eric Berne’s theory on human interaction makes the phrase Transactional Analysis of Money more than a clever pun when set against the backdrop of one of Jesus’ many teachings about money. There are two interesting characters in Luke 12:13-21, which includes the warning against greed and the parable of the Rich Fool: the person in the crowd seeking a judge and the rich man of the parable.”

The following study series were developed while a member of the Stewardship Commission of the Diocese of West Virginia.

Forward Movement is a Episcopal Church resource with many useful stewardship brochures and programs.

A Manual for Stewardship Programs in the Congregation offers an overview of many useful programs.

The Vestry Resource Guide is not a digital download but includes a helpful chapter on stewardship. This comprehensive guide from the Episcopal Church Foundation is essential reading for both first-time and seasoned vestry members seeking to understand their responsibilities. Topics examined include the ministry of the vestry, leading in a community of faith, origins of conflict, stewardship, and navigating transitions in clergy leadership. The cost is $15.00 per copy which is lowered to $12.00 when five or more are purchased.