• is called to support clergy, congregations, and judicatories.
    • Guided by Luke 10:7b: For the laborer deserves to be paid

Coaching The fee for coaching is $50 per half-hour whether in person or one-on-one via ZOOM video conferencing. First hour at no-charge. In person coaching includes expenses for travel.
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Coaching while You Search for God‘s Call to Your Next Position
$250 FEE includes

  • Initial overview 30 minute consultation via ZOOM
    • Discuss skills and aspirations
    • Review then previously submitted written materials such as Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) portfolio answers
    • Review then discuss digital presentation such as
      • personal website
      • current church website
      • writings posted on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
      • other electronic footprint material
  • Two 30 minute ZOOM video sessions to include as needed
    • Teach use of ZOOM to better engage search committees
    • Roleplay interview
    • Discuss knowledge of self: MBTI, Enneagram, Kraybill
    • Review personal and congregational stewardship philosophy
    • Discuss organizational skills
    • Discuss leadership style
    • Discuss conflict management style

So You Received a Call – Transition Coaching
One year flat fee is $600 payable $50 per month or discount $500 in advance

  • One 30 minute consultation via ZOOM
  • Accessible by phone in 10 minute increments as needed as part of the flat fee
  • Plan relationship building effort that supports formal entrance into new congregation
  • Includes the congregation getting to know you practice
  • Includes participation in a group ZOOM learning experience exploring The Three-Point Practice
  • Includes assistance in implementing resources found within the Deep Church section
  • Includes an organizational skills review
  • Includes review of leadership style
  • Includes conflict management style assessment