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On Reflection is where I post written as well as video reflections under Stories. This section of WCT.coach is also the home of Mining a Movie.

Stories posted include:
We did wash feet during the time of social distancing
I would have liked to call my mother
Doug and what’s important in a sermon

The goal of the On Reflection section is to explore Double-Loop Learning while weaving Governing Values into the conversation with Actions and Errors in order to live into the dictum: We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflection on experience.

Double-Loop Learning (Argyris) an understanding that moves beyond the single-loop limitation of the following quote attributed to C.S. Lewis, “Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn, by God, you learn.”

Double-Loop Learning has use as an organizational development concept. However, this educational theory by Chris Argyris underscores the impact of governing values so necessary to managing anxiety when used as a component of self-reflective adaptive practice. Argyris stresses the importance of reflection on experience through a review of governing values before simply modifying behavior to address problems. This approach, like adaptive practice, is Socratic in that questions stimulate learning. Double-Loop Learning relates well to Differentiation of Self from Bowen Systems theory as governing values (Argyris) and guiding principles (Bowen) offer a similar framework to inform self-reflective adaptive practice. (See thesis pages 36-37)

As Double-Loop Learning is Socratic, I commend the post on how the SQ3R approach to unpacking information is a demonstration of how to organize your mind when adopting a Double-Loop Learning approach. Go to Making A ZOOM Training More Effective Using SQ3R.

Argyris, Chris. Overcoming Organizational Defenses: Facilitating Organizational Learning. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 1990 (pg 94).

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