Workshops The cost for workshops is $500 per block based on a three-block minimum (i.e. evening, morning, afternoon, or second evening but no afternoon) plus preparation time (generally $200 per workshop) and expenses (travel, meals, housing). Workshop expectation of the client developed upon a one-hour no-charge conversation with
Workshops occur in group settings formed around an affinity such as judicatory (diocesan) clergy, like-minded clergy groups, as well as but not limited to senior lay leadership.
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Exploring Bowen theory by watching a movie about an Episcopal clergy family

Suitable for a three session clergy conference

  • First session (Evening)
    • Prep by a quick overview of Bowen theory points
    • Audience to keep those points in mind while engaging the story of the movie and the experience of the characters
  • Second session (Morning)
    • In plenary review with the group the plot points and characters of the movie
    • Break into table or zoom breakout groups
      • Explore two or three Bowen theory points as discussed previously advised moments in the movie where they found those points exhibited
      • This movie reflects a time before the ordination of women yet the impact and role of women is implicit in the characters. Imagine Dr. Shelton is a woman. Discuss.
      • Create a better title for the movie.
    • Share discoveries and learnings with the larger group
  • Third session (either Afternoon or Evening)
    • Discuss temperament and ability of the character Doctor Sheldon (played by Robert Young) in his role as the family father as well as the pastor of the parish. This is preceded by a review of triune brain awareness concepts
      • What principles appeared to guide this character
      • How did he maintain it and handle his level of anxiety
    • While not shown in the movie, Dr. Sheldon preached a sermon that was memorable to the congregation and the family concerning the events that led to the sermon being reached.  
      • EXERCISE: In group settings write the key points that would be expressed in such a sermon. If time allows following plenary discussion, invite a sermon role play

Of Use One Day Workshop (Clergy Day)
This workshop uses the Of Use Podcast three questions

  • In your training, possibly seminary, What was of use?
  • Post training, What did you learn that became of use?
  • How are you now of use?

to stimulate interaction among clerical colleagues after hearing their senior leader, namely the bishop or judicatory executive, answer the questions within the recording of an actual Of Use Podcast episode

  • Morning session
    • Introduce the concepts and three questions of the Of Use Podcast.
    • Record an Of Use Podcast with the judicatory executive
  • Break
  • Morning session continues
    • In the group work participants will talk about an answer among themselves of the three questions
  • Midday break for worship
    • Presenter preaches using the three Of Use questions as a guideline to the homily
  • Afternoon session
    • Participants share learning with the larger group regarding the three questions.
    • Presenter leads a discussion on how the Judicatory (Diocese) and local congregation could engage the Of Use questions
      • How is the Judicatory or local congregation currently Of Use?
      • What past learning influences / inhibits / challenges how the Judicatory or local congregation is Of Use?
      • What needs to be learned to be Of Use today?