How Well Can You See Your Story

A practice for being on the dance floor while observing action from the balcony.

On Reflection

We don’t learn from experience; we learn from reflection on experience. Exploring listening through essays and videos.

Deep Church

Resources to support a group of people as they gather with a willing expectation intimately to share the love of God.

Best of WCTcoach

Sermon – First Sunday after Pentecost: Trinity Sunday – June 12, 2022

A sermon that use the three strands in a rope to demonstrate the power of the relationships that is the Trinity: Lover, Beloved, Breath of Love.

The Impact of Repetition – A Being of Use Teaching

The Impact of Repetition – A Being of Use Teaching – Practical methods for making mission and purpose memorable in congregational settings

The Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost Sermon – October 17, 2021

A sermon that hears Jesus proclaiming “I came not to be served but to serve” as a life giving epitaph with the a story bringing someone a cup of coffee.

Being Of Use

Being Of Use will find many forms of online interaction.

We’re hard at work on developing Being Of Use videos.

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