Of Use Podcast

The Of Use Podcast will be a real time engagement (when launched in 2021) with leaders concerning three questions covered in three sequential 12 to 15 minute sections:

  1. In your training, possibly seminary, What was of use?
  2. Post training, What did you learn that became of use?
  3. How are you now of use?

The podcast will explore the essential WCT.coach premise: How are you able to be on the dance floor with the benefit of a balcony perspective. A typical episode might include one to two guests.

The Of Use Podcast will most likely expand beyond ordained leadership to include the breadth of those in church leadership based on their area of practice and expertise. This includes other trainers, judicatory and local lay leaders to name a few categories.

The Of Use Podcast may highlight narratives that work well with the ARC approach found with Three-Point Practice undergirded by the theory of expounded in Reflecton-in-Action Synthesis.

Of Use Bookshelf: Guests will be asked to contribute suggestions to an Of Use Bookshelf by either submitting titles or writing short reflections for publication on WCT.coach.

Of Use Practices: In similar fashion to the Of Use Bookshelf, guests will be asked to contribute to a discussion of Of Use Practices in the physical, spiritual, financial and other areas.

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