Mining a Movie

Movies provide a dance floor of common experience among viewers. A balcony perspective can be achieved by careful reflection concerning the plot, dialog, characters, and effects of a movie. A movie such as Adventure in Baltimore features a turn-of-the nineteenth century Episcopal clergy family. This movie reveals Bowen theory as well as Girard’s scapegoat concept. The movie Avengers: Endgame reveals much about processing grief. The Princess Bride explores the commitment necessary to share and receive love.

Mining a Movie is an invitation to conversation. Each movie will be unearthed within with enough information to begin that conversation. Your response to each movie’s originating post will be the conversation forum where observations about the movie as well as links to the thoughts of others. The goal of in Mining a Movie is to connect with the Reflection-in-Action Synthesis (RiAS) areas of Organizational Development, Emotional Knowledge, Educational Theory through these comments.

Movies Unearthed from the Mine

Adventure in Baltimore

A movie about a clergy family set in 1905 that explores all the aspects of Bowen Family Systems Theory.