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Video prepared in support of my workshop for the 2020 Interim Ministry Network Annual Conference entitled

Making A ZOOM Training More Effective Using SQ3R
SQ3R is a study technique (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review) that adapts well to a class being better prepared for a Zoom session (Bible Study, leadership meeting, IMN training). This disciplined approach combats the lethargy that limits learning within a Zoom training as people wait for others to engage the material in whatever form they have in their home setting. SQ3R methodology invites you to experience the method in much the same manner that you experienced many of the tools in the IMN toolbox (remember FTML and FTMC). 

In the Workshop Video I demonstrate the SQ3R method when I engage Brené Brown’s 10th Anniversary Edition of The Gifts of Imperfection. The video closes with a reminder of the importance of Bowen Theory (from FTML) as I introduce a case study in the form of a movie about the 1905 clergy family of Dr. Andrew Shelton, an Episcopal Priest, in the oddly titledAdventure in Baltimore. Please read the Doctor of Ministry thesis proposal (within the workshop preparation material) concerning Bowen Theory as found in the movie.

  • Intro to me and this workshop
    Intro to SQ3R
    Using SQ3R to prepare to read Brene’ Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection
    Preparatory comments about applying Bowen Theory to Dr. Shelton’s story

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