A Sermon featuring the love of Mary Hatch from It’s a Wonderful Life

I originally preached this sermon on The Second Sunday In Lent (2 Lent Year A) preached in my role as Priest-in-Charge Christ Episcopal Church Middletown, New Jersey – Sunday, March 12, 2017. I have not posted a sermon since I retired on October 1, 2018 as I have been in the pews not the pulpit. The sermon features a conversation with Nicodemus and Jesus wherein Jesus shows how the love of Mary Hatch played by Donna Reed, is the conduit of grace that saves George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) using the movie It’s a Wonderful Life to explain the love that does not condemn the world but saves the world. The theme works during Advent/Christmas as well as Lent (especially after watching It’s a Wonderful Life!).
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